What We Offer:

School Matinee Performance: 
Appropriate for all grades: students, staff and chaperone's are invited to attend a sixty minute showing of Who I Am; Celebrating Me.  Audience members are welcome to engage in a brief talk-back session with the cast immediately following the performance.

School & Corporate Campus Performances
Who I Am; Celebrating Me will present a thirty to sixty minute performance (depending on your need) at your school or business. In addition, an optional, brief talk-back session with the cast immediately following the show is available upon request at time of booking

Study Guide:

Gives educators and students a more in-depth look at the characters they will see on stage.

The public is invited to see the play.  Bring your women's, men's, fraternity, sorority, church, youth group (you get the picture), to an evening of educational entertainment.  Appropriate for all ages.

Purchase a copy of our Who I Am Celebrating Me study guide at info@worldstagetheatre.org


Night Rhythms, part of The Hooded Quilt book series is a great resource for parents and educators with students age 6-10.  Order your copy today.

Let's face it, the African part of American history is heavy.  People still grapple with the idea of slavery, prejudice, hate, racism toward African Americans.  Not to worry.  Who I Am Celebrating Me can help.  

Join K-12 schools around the region in bringing students to see the play!  Space is limited and will fill up quickly so reserve your spot today!



Who I Am; Celebrating Me has helped businesses and organizations such as Nike Corporation, Concordia College, Portland Christian School, Margaret Scott Elementary, Faubion K-8, Roosevelt, Jefferson High School, Pacific University and more, celebrate Black History through engaging, informative and powerfully-uplifting residencies and performances that educators and community members alike say is "breathtaking" and "amazing".  But don't take their word for it.  SEE for yourself!