Based on a community survey in the greater Portland metropolitan and adjacent areas, 9 out of 10 people do not know how Black History Month came into existence, or the importance of it.  They don't know the American who founded Negro History Week. Most people haven't heard of any African-American pioneers.  However, the majority knows Black History Month is celebrated in February and Martin Luther King Junior was a man who fought for freedom.

Information from research and observation show many Oregon/Washington schools outside urban communities have special programs and assemblies honoring Hispanic, Asian heritage and other cultures but do not have assemblies or special programs celebrating Black History and the event is not widely discussed during the school year or the month of February.

Beyond Black History Month, our goal is to use art as a vehicle to educate communities of all races about the unsung heroes of African-American culture, their hardships, triumphs and ability to overcome hundreds of years of oppression. 

Who I Am; Celebrating Me aspires to promote unity and appreciation of all ethnic groups, to encourage students and educators to be the change and use their creative voice to accomplish goals in the classroom, at home and in their community.

What We Offer:

School Matinee Performance: 
Appropriate for all grades: students, staff and chaperone's are invited to attend a sixty minute showing of Who I Am; Celebrating Me.  Audience members are welcome to engage in a brief talk-back session with the cast immediately following the performance.

School & Corporate Campus Performances
Who I Am; Celebrating Me will present a thirty to sixty minute performance (depending on your need) at your school or business. In addition, an optional, brief talk-back session with the cast immediately following the show is available upon request at time of booking

Who I Am Celebrating Me